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Sort a short birthday game for me (in 6 April) Including 4 level (four is a month of my birthday), Find the chocolate cake with cherry on top to unlock the white wall, after finish collecting them, there a red blue and white cake for go to the next scene. If you in the win scene, will be a secret scene by pressing mysterious key. Try your friends to play this for someone who's had a birthday.

Controls: WASD or Arrow Key for Walking, Run use "Shift" Key, Jump use Spacebar.

Updated 11 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags3D, birthday, cake, chocolate, collect, First-Person, Food, Short, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few hours

Install instructions

Just open the zip file and extract all files. after that, you can play it.


Find the Birthday Cake v1.0 (First Release).zip 33 MB
Find the Birthday Cake v1.1 (Level Fixed).zip 34 MB


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Great game! i found the cake hehe

PD: happy Birthday :)

Thank you.

I am a small video game creator whose dream is to be famous and for people to enjoy their games. I currently have 300 downloads of my 4 games and would like to have more. If you want we could collaborate and make games together, since I'm looking for a team and currently I don't have one. Would you like to collaborate with me :)?

That depends. because what kind of game that we make soon, Your using Unity 2021.1 and Me using Unity 2017.4 , I'm afraid the C# scripts will be error or several thing will be not compatible in my unity version.

you're right, well, we'll find a solution :)